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Green Phoenix Phase 2 retrofit of 1355 King Street West is completed!


Green construction: The building's entire life cycle, its dependence on fossil fuels, and its ecological impact are the subjects of an Integrated Design process. This means all those who influence the design are on board from the very beginning. We hope to meet the "Green Globe" standard, this is an internationally-recognized rating system for green construction.

Affordable housing: Phoenix Place now provides 136 bachelor apartments that cost $540.00 per month including utilities. The Phase 3 will add 11 new units. About half of these will be 1 and 2 bedroom units, recognizing the need for more family housing. No rent-geared-to-income subsidies are offered. New residents will be drawn from the same sources currently used by Phoenix Place.

Renewed church presence: The Phase 3 redevelopment will improve the entrance to the existing sanctuary, and incorporate design features that will refer to the original historic church.

Community resources: The new construction adds amenity space for residents, and for the larger community. It also improves access to the existing community space (completed in Phase 2). The use of community space is also a subject of the Integrated Design process, with input from the congregation and from a Community Consultation committee.