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Where did the name 'Phoenix Place' come from?

When the congregation voted in 1973 to demolish its wonderful old church and build a new complex, it chose to name it after the ancient symbol of the Phoenix. This ubiquitous legendary bird of the sun was believed to make an appearance every few hundred years or so, only to die immolated in its own flames. It was then reborn from its own ashes, or from an egg-like ball of myrrh. So too, was the old church destroyed only to rise from its rubble with new life and energy.

For its new church the congregation commissioned a dossal curtain (the wall-hanging behind the altar) to be woven, predicated on the theme of the Phoenix The curtain was produced by master quilter Lewis Hindle in 1976 and can be seen in the church.

During the demolition, the workers found that the church structure contained old-style square nails, many bent into fantastic shapes as the structure fell. One of the demolition workers welded the nails into the image of a bird with flared wings. This hangs in the church narthex to this day.

More Than Just a Place to Live"

Phoenix Place Apartments is located at the corner of King Street West and Dunn Avenue in Toronto. It is owned and operated by Parkdale United Church Foundation, a non-profit charity. Phoenix Place is more than just a place to live because it is a community, and we try to make useful resources available to residents.

HISTORY The building contains only bachelor apartments. It was built in 1976, using a federal program aimed at creating affordable housing for single persons of modest income. Parkdale United Church donated the land where its original church, built in 1889, stood. Today, the congregation occupies the sanctuary on the first floor, and also rents its facilities
to community and religious groups of all kinds, as well as reduced rates for tenants. The management office on the ground floor is open from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

COSTS The basic rent is $640.00, per month and includes electricity and water. There is a separate bathroom, with a tub and shower. There is a clothes closet, an outlet for cable TV, and a telephone jack. A coin-operated laundry room on the top floor is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm. Parking is $45/month extra.

UTILITIES The rent includes utilities, but tenants are responsible for their own telephone and cable TV. A last months rent deposit is required. We pay interest equally to guideline of rent increase for the current year.

LEASE Provincial law governs the relationship between a Tenant and the Foundation, but each resident must also sign a one-year lease. This is a legal document, and breaches of either the law or the lease can result in eviction. Since we want to provide a safe, clean, quiet, home, we do not encourage short-term rentals. Please note that these dwelling units may be occupied by
only one person.

PAYMENTS Rent is payable in advance on the first day of each month. Rent may be paid in the Office during office hours, or after hours in the lobby mailbox. Payments must be by cheque, money order, or direct deposit, not cash.

You will need:

A completed application form

A suitable form of identification

First & last month's rent.